Best Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks

For those of you who have liked my page on Facebook, you’ll know this week was themed “Wine Corks”.
(If you haven’t liked me on Facebook do it HERE.)

I couldn’t contain all the crafty and useful things to do with them in 5 posts. I thought to end the week, I’d just write one giant post of all the fun things I’ve found and want to try out. Here we go:

1. I knit occassionally so I had to share this:

2. How great would these be as placeholders, labeling food at a party, or holding up a photo on your desk?
Cork card holders

3. These would make cute party favors:
cork keychain
Instructions here

4. Love these as decorations for home:
corkball corkball2

Instructions for cork ball HERE

5. Going to do these soon:
cork magnets

6. Simple, yet so cute:
Cork wine coasters
Instructions HERE

7. You can never have too many thumbtacks:
Wine Cork Thumbtackw
Instructions HERE

8. My favorite of all of these:
cork board
Instructions HERE

9. If I had a green thumb:

10. If you don’t drink enough wine to finish these projects, you can actually buy corks from Amazon! You get about 100 corks for around $15.00- Much cheper than drinking your way. Buy premium wine corks here.

Have you crafted anything with wine corks? Let me know- I’d love to see pictures.

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