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A Toothbrush You’ll Care About


Today I had the opportunity to hear the CEO of Bogobrush, Heather McDougall.

She and her brother created a economic, social, and sustainable toothbrush. Something so simple that will make a huge impact. With so many people lacking access to dental care, the Buy One, Give One toothbrush is perfect. It’s simple in design, but packing in its purpose.

Listening to Heather talk about the vision she has was inspiring to say the least. Her words of advice to those reaching to be a social entrepreneur? …”Just Do”. It was refreshing to see the passion, excitement, and drive that Heather possesses.

I’m going to put my order in. I recommend you do too. It would make great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or just keep them for yourself. They’re beautiful.

Here is their website: Just Do:

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